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Who Are We?

The Hill Country Christmas Bureau is in its 40th year of operation as a nonprofit, charitable organization. We are registered with the IRS as tax exempt. People just like you serve by trying to do a little more to help others during the Christmas season.

People just like you serve by doing a little more to help others during the holiday season.

Give right here in this community rather than sending your donation away - give where you can see it positively affect those around you.

The stories we've been told are heart-wrenching and so difficult to hear, especially during the holidays.

Our annual goal is to provide gifts for those who do not have much hope for merry holidays.  We try and give each family some needed toiletries, and if possible, two or three new toy items for each child from "Santa".

We also take this opportunity to remember the elderly at this time with appropriate and needed items.

Depending on the level of donations, we also try to provide each family with food, new shoes, new blankets and a space heater, because even in Texas, it can get cold enough to cause or prolong illness in the young and old.

We need this assistance from individuals, families, businesses, corporations, chuches, and service groups to reach out and help these members of our community.

Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated, not only by us, but greatly appreciated by those you help. 

Please contact:

Dianne Gattuso

Mailing Address Only
1624 Shenandoah
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone: 512-773-5878

Thank you for your graciousness. You may trust that your contributions will be used wisely and well. Happy Holidays!

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C – caring for folks having difficulties 
H – helping to bring joy to the holidays 
R – returning dignity and self-esteem to families 
 I -  investing time and talent 
S – showing support and empathy 
T – thoughtfully gift giving 
M – making happy holidays for children 
A – assisting older adults with needs 
S – sharing the blessings you’ve received